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Should financially distressed ESKOM cease to trade?

State owned enterprise ESKOM is insolvent and illiquid such that its ability to meet operational costs and long-term debt obligations appears unlikely. The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa (Accountability Now) is questioning how ESKOM is to continue to trade in the present circumstances which would, in Accountability Now’s opinion, be contrary to section 22 of the Act on any reasonable interpretation.

Bridging diversity in multinational offices

How can we work towards a common, mutually beneficial future in an extremely diverse world fragmented by difference? Multinational companies are well acquainted with this problem, as they confront it daily through the communication conundrums between their regional offices.

Fast track your business in 2018

The rate at which new trends appear and influence the way we live has become astounding. The last decade, with its countless technological advances, has signalled a move into the internet shop, a faster pace in most spheres of day-to-day life and the importance placed on providing more convenient, time-efficient solutions.

Things that every CEO needs to know in 2018

South Africa is well behind the curve, but the good news is that the money is moving into ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). The recent Steinhoff disaster has proved to the local market that pesky governance and compliance issues are important! So, like it or not, it’s time to get with the programme and here are my top ten things every SA CEO needs to know this year:

Ethical leadership is not enough

The need for ethical leadership is much clearer and more urgent now than it has ever been since the dawn of the new South Africa. Unfortunately, it took massive corruption to elevate the importance of ethical leadership in the public consciousness, and so the cost has been high to get us to this level of awareness.

Non-executive directors cautioned to exercise due care

South Africa’s non-executive directors cautioned to exercise due care in discharging their responsibilities in the wake of recent corporate disasters. Boards are under significant pressure to continually transform in the face of disruptive technology, globalisation, political and economic uncertainty, and a volatile marketplace.

Re-wire your brain to be a wiser leader

Dr Renata Schoeman | Leadership Lecturer and renowned Psychiatrist | University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) | renata@renataschoeman.co.za | www.usb.ac.za | By understanding the neuroscientific...

Robo-directors in the boardroom!

Patrick Bracher | Director | Norton Rose Fulbright | mail me |  Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing and may in the future get a seat...

The digital age demands communicative leadership

Gys Kappers | CEO | Wyzetalk | gys.kappers@wyzetalk.com | www.wyzetalk.com | With technology integrated into virtually all aspects of business, it has become easy to...

Hotlines help fraud and corruption detection!

Clayton Thomopoulos | Director & Certified Fraud Examiner | Deloitte Risk Advisory | cthomopoulos@deloitte.co.za | www.deloitte.com | A fraud and ethics hotline remains a critical mechanism in...



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