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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Taking control against identity theft

The growth in identity theft highlights the need for early detection.Statistics from the South African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) show that identity theft has increased by 200% over the past six years. This has raised the need for greater education around this crime, especially when it comes to early detection. 

Blocking vs allowing employees content consumption

Andrew Wilson | CEO | LucidView | andreww@lucidview.net | http://www.lucidview.net |
Talk of monitoring and blocking employee access to certain types of Internet content might sound like draconian management measures.After all, we’re all adults in the workplace and we shouldn’t need to be told what we can and can’t look at on the Internet, right?Not exactly. There are many reasons why...

Understanding hackers

While the motivation behind major cyberattacks is often unclear, there are some steps that can be taken by a business, to improve security and aim to keep the hackers out.The reality globally is that cyber criminals are becoming relentless - and 2017 proved to be no exception. In 2016 we saw unprecedented attacks, politically motivated sabotage and overt attempts to disrupt electoral processes. Unfortunately, these trends continued in 2017 and show no signs of abating in the future.Innovation, economies of scale, new sophistication and trends that open up...

Study examines attitudes to mobile money in Africa

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Mastercard Foundation have published an ethnographic study on the perceptions and attitudes to digital financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa.The study will increase financial inclusion by helping financial services providers better understand the user of African digital financial services (DFS).The reportA Sense of Inclusion: An Ethnographic Study of the Perceptions and Attitudes to Digital Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa, is based on...

Data Scientist of 2020

Nanette Scott | Associate Director: Deloitte Data Analytics | nascott@deloitte.co.zahttp://www.deloitte.com/ |

ECA Bill signals end of post-apartheid greatest success story!

Leon Louw | Executive Director | Free Market Foundation | gailday@fmfsa.org | http://www.freemarketfoundation.com |A contentious new Bill that heralds higher data prices and reduced...

GDPR and PoPI – Do you need to comply with both?

Simeon Tassev | Managing Director and QSA | Galix Networking | simeon@galix.com | www.galix.com |Ahead of the pending enforcement of the Protection of Personal...

Make bolder technology decisions in 2018

Derek Bose | Senior Director for South Africa and the SADC regional cluster | Oracle | derek.bose@oracle.com | www.oracle.com |South African businesses need to...

Driving innovation and productivity

Maricelle Boshoff | Operations Manager | HansaWorld South Africa | maricelle@hansaworld.com | www.hansaworld.com |African companies need to implement new technologies if they are to...

Artificial Intelligence – the apex of tech and policy challenges!

Aalia Manie | Senior Associate | Webber Wentzel | aalia.manie@webberwentzel.com | www.webberwentzel.com |Artificial intelligence (AI) is the apex of today’s technology age as we...
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