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Mon, Aug 26, 2019

Dealing with credit rating downgrades

    Lesiba Mothata | Executive Chief Economist | Gyongyi King | Chief Investment Officer | | Alexander Forbes | http://www.alexanderforbes.co.za/ | S&P Global Ratings has, for the first time...

Know your investment goals before boarding the Bitcoin train!

Elize Botha | Managing Director | Old Mutual Unit Trusts | christabell.kota@omwealth.co.za | www.oldmutual.co.za | While it may be tempting to buy into the evolving cryptocurrency...

VCC’s driving SME’s

Neill Hobbs | Founder and Director | Anuva Investments | neillh@anuvainvestments.co.za | www.anuvainvestments.co.za | Using a concept borrowed from the UK, SARS has written Section 12J...

Avoid the narrative, not the opportunity!

Philipp Wörz | Fund Manager | PSG Asset Management | philipp.worz@psg.co.za | www.psg.co.za | It’s easy to get caught up in market narratives. When news...

FEATURE | Your Wealth

Protecting and growing wealth is critical in the current local and global economic and political climates, in order to take care of yourself and your family. For investors to accumulate wealth, a target, strategy and implementation plan is required.

Crypto Tokens – Project UBU announces initial offering

Project UBU, the South African startup that’s striving to create an alternative decentralised money system distributing a universal basic income without taxing anyone, has...

Share buy-backs and dividend stripping

In the 2017 Budget, delivered by the Minister of Finance, it was proposed that additional measures will be considered to circumvent transactions where investors choose to realise their share investments by means of having the shares they hold in a company bought back and characterised as a dividend, while being paid for by means of a new investor subscribing for shares in the same company. This followed on the back of a similar announcement in 2016, whereafter no two specific countermeasures were introduced.

Investor opportunities using S12J VCCs?

In June 2009, The Income Tax Act was amended to make provision for investors to be incentivised to invest in Venture Capital Companies (VCCs).

Retirement fund reform implementation

The next significant step in Government’s reformation of the retirement fund industry has been taken and has seen the implementation of the final retirement...

Invest offshore ‘for the right reasons’

South Africans tend to flock offshore in response to rand weakness or negative news headlines. This is counterintuitive, costly and can destroy value. The decision to...
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