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HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll

RIGHT ON – John Lennon knew what he was singing about. Businesses need people in order to thrive – they are what make a business succeed or fail. It is in every manager’s interest to make sure...

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Review: Mecer Xpress c22G Windows tablet

Review: Mecer Xpress C22G Windows tablet

Tablets are becoming the new PC's, and Mecer have created a tablet, the Mecer Xpress c22G, that runs full Windows 8.1 along with any other Windows application.

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Book Reviews

The Performance Management Handbook for Emerging Markets - Dr Mark Bussin

The Performance Management Handbook for Emerging Markets

By Dr Mark Bussin

A practical and informative handbook for managing performance for the world of work in Emerging Markets...

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Managed Services: Precision Pain-Point Alleviation

Managed Services: Precision Pain-Point Alleviation

Outsourcing has come in for criticism in recent years, because companies fear that by doing so they are giving away control over critical components of their business.

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MBA Research: Barrier or Benefit

For MBA students, the research assignment is this intimidating last step at the end of a very tough MBA learning journey – the one final obstacle that so often prevents students from graduating on time or even graduating at all.

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Are Soft Skills the Solution?

The recent spotlight on the Infrastructure Development Bill highlights the problems our country faces with getting projects completed within budget and on time.

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A Flicker of Hope

A competitive battle is gaining momentum in the financial services industry, and winning companies are those that are able to extract the right intelligence to inform strategic business actions.

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